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What People Say about Alin Alkass

Word of mouth is an appropriate expression for the reputation of a dentist. Once a person surrenders his or her mouth to the hands of a dentist, they will have plenty to say about it afterwards. Dr. Alin Alkass has made it his life’s mission to help people feel good about a visit to the dentist, and the word from his patients is he is a success.

All of his patients say he is extremely nice and that his office is very clean, but that’s just the beginning. Dental procedures can be invasive and painful, and to alleviate that is the real triumph. As one patient who simply had a cleaning and examination put it: Dr. Alkass did a wonderful job of explaining the process each step of the way and was instrumental in modifying my habits for better dental health. Because of this experience, he will be my regular dentist.

Another patient had more intensive treatment including a filling, crown/bridge and a root canal. She said: He took the time to explain the problem, and never once while I was there did I feel pain or discomfort. Someone else with basically the same treatments also said: I felt no pain during the root canal, crown placements or veneer work. Dr. Alkass is great. He explained everything and made sure I was comfortable.

When people talk about their experiences at the dentists’ office, it is usually either a description of torture or of an amazing, pain-free encounter. Dr. Alkass is determined that each of his patients experience the second option.

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